A Word

Message of the day,

Today’s card is the Temperance Card!

Everyone has their own star. Some discover them sooner than others. The universe response to energy. Energy can not be destroyed only transferred. God is the beginning and the end of all things. Positive energy can only be received when we open ourselves up to love. God is never late, but Always on time! We are all evolving beautifully and swiftly. Here in the tribe The goal is to touch as many souls with love! To bring the best out of not just our loved ones but every soul we encounter, healing is not linear and time is the revealer of all truths. Patience is a true virtue and honesty to self is the key to unlock all of life’s beautiful possibilities. Open your hearts and your minds! Your heart connects you to God and your head connects you to your crown and the divine! Without balance of the two we can not gain understanding of our higher selves. Take time. Do not forget to light your candles! Burn your incense! Do your meditation and eat healthy. We are aiming to operate from our higher selves going forward!

-Hillary Oggun Adda