Shipping Info


Thank You for checking out our brand and we are happy to welcome you to our FAMILY.

Our standard processing time for all orders is 3-4 days.

This gives us time to review your order, make the candles, pack, ship etc. Then your shipping time will start.  

EVERY PRODUCT will be technically “SOLD OUT” although we have a rolling system of hand pouring batches of 2-300 units & restocking daily- This means all orders going forward are PREORDER ONLY. FORTUNATELY We make our all of our products locally here in MIAMI in SMALL BATCHES and we have a small team and all supplies in stock so it doesn’t take us long to fulfill inventory (2-3 days after any order is placed).

AFTER your purchase: you will receive a confirmation email. Then within a few days you may automatically receive an email that says your order has been shipped or fulfilled.

When you receive an Email with your tracking number 5-7 days after placing an order- THAT MEANS YOUR ORDER HAS LEFT THE WAREHOUSE AND HAS BEEN SHIPPED.

We are a small family business with a small team. Please bare with us 

All of our products are HANDMADE in small batches, then BLESSED, CHARGED, AND FILLED WITH LOVE FOR YOU. WE get HUGE influxes of new tribe supporters weekly as the brand grows.

The best shipping companies take several days right now to even process an order before sending you a tracking number. We hope you understand the process and we look forward to staying connected. In the meantime Please enjoy selections of your choice from our curated ALCHEMY BOOK LIST:

Start your reading now as it will prime you for the rituals and instructions that come with the products you ordered. We suggest starting with the books you feel connected to most first.

Jake & KARA Peak