Palo Mayombe Foundations

Title/Name: Tata Nkisi Malongo Nsasi Mama Chola Lucero abre 7 Puertas

Rama/Lineage: Briyumba Congo

House info: Munanzo Zarabanda

Ndoki Yaya

Healer, Dreamer, Artist, 12 years Spiritualist


Welcome to the Tribe! Meet Jake of The Charmed DUO. Ashe’ to my grandma LuLu. Our forefathers and Grandmas were known as powerful healers and root workers. My Great Great grandma could talk the fire out of burn victims to provide rapid healing. Also numerous family friends always told us about how my paternal Grandma Lulu worked special candles up and charms for them that blessed them. We are the light bearers to their sacred Technology. We are here to help.


The spiritual practice and modality we work with is based in Spiritualism, but empowered by our Ascended Masters, Elevated Ancestors, Reiki, Conjure, Hoodoo & our Voodoo Double Spirit Pact. Our beginning foundation is based in Palo Kimbisa- a cultural religion for Black resistance and survival. In this time, its personally important for me to ensure my community is able to secure a wealth of opportunities, cleanse and protect themselves.


Before any spiritual work is to be done, there must be a form of divination to see the issue as a whole and get the Ancestral wisdom for solutions and resolutions.


Your space must be physically cleaned before it is spiritually cleaned. As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” “A dirty home is a dirty mind.” Our spirits Revere cleanliness!


We begin with prayer, and will then combine chants and rituals to work to lift certain energies. Once that is finished, I begin to put in energies that you need in your home. Afterwards, I work to protect the home from any unwanted energies or forces and leave you with forever charged good luck charms.