Monthly Community Service Prayer Ritual

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  • $36.00

This is a small ritual & prayer we do for 1 person- & 1 topic only.

We do this service on Cosmic Days of Power according to Astrological Alignments & Moon cycles New Moon- Full Moon, etc.  

Prayer Intention Request should be limited to 1-2 paragraphs Max on 1 topic ( love, Need Money, Work, Medical Issue, etc)

- anything beyond 2 paragraphs  is custom SPELLWORK & please do not book this service for that. 

After Purchase:

Email us a note to

SUBJECT: Grannys Prayer 
The Note is about your situation and need ( stay on 1 topic for this

For 3 days during + After prayer date:

We ask that you light a white candle with a glass of water & call on your guides to join forces with ours in order to bring change to your situation. 
We will do the service late night &  send out a confirmation picture