Bitters Fresh Herbs of Power Spiritual Bath

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  • $270.00


  • Contains 21 Powerful Fresh Herbs 🌿 that were Handpicked by me & My team  that each Have a spirit and purpose in them. They come together & Align as a force for Healing, Cleansing, & Change. 
  • This is Prepared by Me & My societe in vodou . It takes a village to Bring together Special Powers.
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Large size lasts 14-21 days. Regular size Lasts 7-9 days.
  • Magnetic IRON Powder
  • Celestial Acumen holy water
  • Yerba Buena Floridita
  • Secrets of my temple in haitian vodou & Palo Mayombe
  • Charged by my eggun, Charged on my lwa, & made under the influence of the Sun & Moons Power
  • Natural strong pungent Herbal Mystical Scent from pure plants  extract🌱  

Yamboso also called Mamba Diambila & Omiero within the Rule of Congo. It is the famed medicinal liquid extract of 21 Fresh ceremonially hand picked  Herbs that each contain a Special property, Spirit, & Force. These individual Powers Unite To form a Force  and emboies the essence of the gods. Yamboso is full of vital energy Life Force & Ase’ of the spirits and universe. It is used to Ritually consecrate All shrines & To empower, HEAL, Manifest, & Cleanse all negativity on the highest LEVELS.  Will remove any obstacle, injustice, bad spirit, hex curse, Karmatic Block, & can also fight disease.


This is the Ultimate Spiritual Bath & It is shipped Cold Fresh made. Comes with Ritual Instructions Course Paper.