Makaya Strong Cleanse Fresh Fae 🌿of Power Mystic Bath

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I am jake v preizt a hougan in haitian vodou and a tata nkisi malongo in palo mayombe. These fancy titles just mean I am very spiritual, I know my gifts, I can heal, bless, help, protect, strengthen, and save people. I have the blessings-the ashe -the secrets and the license of my tribe-the ancestors-egun and spirits.

  • Makaya Season is annual holidqy period in vodou where we break away from the past & refresh the path for the entire year. Makaya in the Kikongo language of the African civilization of the Bantus means "Leaves".
  • In Haiti, the Makaya season is a vodou period of purification with leaves. During this period, the people clean their houses and 'lakou' temples with green leaves. This is also the time when the elders bless the leaves which will be used to cure illnesses and the leaves used to chase away evil spirits. Makaya is a nation and sect within the traditions. It contains the strongest most magical secrets in vodou. 
  • This bath has Many Powerful Fresh Herbs 🌿 that were Handpicked by me & My Family  that each Have a spirit and purpose in them. They come together & Align as a force for Protection, Healing, Cleansing, & Blessing. 
  • This is Prepared by Me & My family and societe members in vodou . It takes a village to Bring together Special Powers.
  • has the life force of an animal offering (blood) in this bath
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Large size lasts 14-21 days. Regular size Lasts 7-9 days.
  • Magnetic IRON Powder
  • Celestial Acumen holy water
  • Yerba Buena Floridita
  • Secrets of my temple in haitian vodou & Palo Mayombe
  • Charged by my eggun, Charged on my lwa, & made under the influence of the Sun & Moons Power
  • Natural strong pungent Herbal Mystical Scent from pure plants  extract🌱  
  • Sweet baths smell like rootbeer, vetiver, ginger woodsy,  sandalwood
  • bitter baths smell like pungent basil lime woodsy deep earthy aromatics with a hint of garlic 

Yamboso also called Mamba Diambila & Omiero within the Rule of Congo. It is the famed medicinal liquid extract of 21 Fresh ceremonially hand picked  Herbs that each contain a Special property, Spirit, & Force. These individual Powers Unite To form a Force  and emboies the essence of the gods. Yamboso is full of vital energy Life Force & Ase’ of the spirits and universe. It is used to Ritually consecrate All shrines & To empower, HEAL, Manifest, & Cleanse all negativity on the highest LEVELS.  Will remove any obstacle, injustice, bad spirit, hex curse, Karmatic Block, & can also fight disease.


This is the Ultimate Spiritual Bath & It is shipped Cold Fresh made. Comes with Ritual Instructions Course Paper.