Spiritual Guide Muneca Mojo Doll

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This is a Handmade One of a Kind Custom Spirit Doll that can go on your altar, be used as a foundation to empower your life or manifest ion rituals and or travel with you for protection. If the picture is here it’s available we will update every week with new options. Our dolls are huge 18-24” . most are porcelain bodywork. We Bless Our Dolls with intense rituals to seat your spirit inside them. using Hekua, chants, sacred powders, burials rebirths,  the 5 elements, the cardinal points, Sacred ingredients, And channeling from what the spirit wants. This work is my specialty I have been doing it for 15+ years. We do rituals to Put the Power of your spirit guide inside it and  Then we charge & Empower Them With the herbs 🌿 & Spiritual Ashe’ needed to save your life If necessary. You can email us if you need any special clothes accessories, jewelry, or spiritual tools to come with your doll- I can customize! Then we  Ritually imbue it with A spirit inside.

When buying You must send a 1-2 paragraph EMAIL explaining which doll you love…what you want the doll for and your full name address birthday and picture attached to info@celestialacumen.com With SUBJECT title MUNECA SPIRIT DOLL. If spirit tells me you need another doll than you chose I will ask your permission for that.

Option A is to buy the Doll  without the spirit in it

Option B is to buy the doll “ritually charged “ from Me & my temple. That means we Divine for you to figure out what spirit aligns with you- Make the clothes that the spirit is requesting for the doll or customize the doll clothes to match, Bless it , seat the spirit inside, feed it, connect your ancestors to it, and Charge the Doll with our Ase’.

Option C is for us to ritually charge the doll as mentioned above & send you a custom spiritual bath that you and the doll will be bathed in. This helps to meld your energies together even more!