Spiritual Pathwork Guidance Session

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  • $155.00

This is not a reading! Think of this like a personalized spiritual development COURSE 1 on 1. This is a spiritual development intuitive counseling session to figure out your path in spirituality, learn how to venrate your ancestors, answer any spiritual questions you have for a priest about life, gods, spirits, death, rebirth, and living . Can be in person, phone call , or facetime zoom meeting depending on your preference . I will give you advice from spirit. This will be a catalyst for your journey for the next year and beyond. Think of it like a personalized course in Miracles from Spirit. How I work: You tell me where you are spiritually-talk about challenges, issues. setbacks traumas- I will interject & give you a reading, personalized rituals, recommended book, homework, an Action Plan, & steps for you to grow.

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